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Getting started in Mavity
Getting started in Mavity
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After signing in to your account, you'll be directed to your dashboard, where you can explore various features.

1. Dashboard

In your dashboard you will see a summary of your subscription plan, your assigned project manager, your active requests and direct access to our AI Modules

If you are not subscribed to a CreativeOps plan you will access a platform plan dashboard, with the option of subscribing to a CreativeOps plan. This means you can use the platform, access brands, AI modules and docs.

2. Brands

Your brand is the main character here! Every AI module and design request will use your brand as a visual reference. Just type your brand name or URL and BOOM:

How to see your added brands:

  1. Navigate to the 'Brands' tab in the sidebar menu.

2. Click on any of your added brands to see the details

3. AI Toolkit

You can create content with any of the AI Toolkit Modules and use the output to submit requests!

4. Requests

Visit the 'Requests' tab in the sidebar to view and manage your requests. The status of requests includes Queue, Ongoing, PM Revision, Awaiting Response, and Completed.

Statuses for Requests:

  • Queue: Default status for every created task

  • Ongoing: Creative team is actively working on your request

  • PM Revision: Project Manager reviewing deliverables

  • Awaiting Response: Your time to provide comments or approval

  • Completed: Closed requests

5. Docs

Create and save documents with AI assistance

Navigate to the 'Docs' tab in the sidebar menu. Click on 'All' to see the documents you have created.

Navigate your projects:

  • All: This is where you'll find all documents available in your workspace.

  • Assigned to Me: Access documents that are specifically assigned to you.

  • Shared: View documents that have been shared within your workspace.

  • Private: Access documents that are exclusively available to you

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