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How to create a document
How to create a document
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Go to the 'Docs' section in the sidebar menu and click on 'New doc'

Add a title to your document. It is automatically saved in your Docs list (located in the sidebar menu)


Add tags by clicking on the tags icon above the Document title field. You can search for existing tags or create new ones.

Document Options:

  • Blank Page: Create and customize your document freely.

  • Write with AI: Provide a topic or a small description and let AI generate content.

  • Table: Create and customize tables.

  • Checklist: Include a checklist.

  • Use AI Tools such as Blog Post, Campaign ideas, SEO article brief, or Generate FAQs.

Insert Images:

Click on the 'Insert' button and add images from your Finder or File Explorer

Insert Video:

Click on the 'Insert' button and paste a YouTube URL

Assign Users to Your Document:

Click on the user icon and assign a user to your document. This will appear in their 'Assigned to Me' section on their sidebar menu and dashboard.

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