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How to create a request
How to create a request
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Create a new request

Click on the 'New Request' button in the sidebar menu.

You'll be redirected to the 'Generate Request' page.

Enter request details, including Name, Description, and Due Date.

Note that the Due Date will be reviewed by your Project Manager (PM) based on your plan, team availability, and other request priorities.

Select the brand to assign to this request, taking brand assets into account. Learn how to add a brand here.

After creating your request, you will be redirected to the Request Detail page. Here, you will find:

  • Brand assigned

  • Status

  • Priority

  • PM assigned

  • Creative assigned

  • Start and Due Date

  • Creation Date

  • Request Description

  • Reference Files

  • Tasks

  • Comments Section

You can modify the brand associated with the request, update the description, tasks, and provide as many comments as needed. However, your PM will handle the rest of the details, including assignment and editing.

Edit Request Description

Click on the description field to initiate the editing process. You can either input additional information manually or utilize our AI Marketing Assistant Tool for assistance.

Highlight the text you wish to edit; an AI icon button will appear. Click on it to explore available options.

You can continue the text, extend it, rephrase it, or summarize it.

If you don't have a base text to work from, don't worry. Click on the description field, then select the 'Select Tool' button in the tools bar.

Choose the tool you need from the options:

  • Blog post

  • Campaign ideas

  • SEO article brief

  • Generate FAQs

With any tool you choose, remember to confirm the changes. Once you confirm the changes, the description will be saved, and you can edit it anytime again.

Upload Reference Files

Navigate to the reference files section located below the description.

This section enables your Project Manager (PM), creative team, and collaborators to have relevant references while working on your request.

To upload a file, click on the 'Upload' button.

Select a file from your Finder or File Explorer and open it.

You can upload as many files as needed to provide comprehensive references for your request. To remove a file, click on the trashcan icon next to it.

Create a Task

Navigate to the Tasks section located below the Reference files and click on the 'Add task' button.

Name your task and click on 'Save'

You can also generate tasks with AI, learn how to do it here.

Activity feed

Located on the right side of the Request Detail, you'll find your activity feed. The activity feed displays all updates related to the request, including a history of comments exchanged between you and your Project Manager (PM).

To send a comment, simply click on the text field and press 'Enter' to send the message.

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